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Quack Fix: Ducks continue to bring extra effort in practice, "The Pick" uniforms

Your daily collection of Oregon Ducks links.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Highlights (from Tuesday's practice report)

  • A good week of practice led directly to a great Oregon performance against UCLA, and it seems like the Oregon players have taken that lesson to heart. It was another day where Moseley specifically mentioned how well the practice went, and Coach Helfrich noted, "Today was really hard, very physical. A quality, quality practice."
  • It sounds like Thomas Tyner, in particular, took the results of the UCLA game week to heart, and is carrying that effort forward.
  • Are the Ducks improving their tackling? Uhhh, maybe? They missed over 30 tackles against Arizona, but missed "only" 24 against UCLA, though that resulted in an extra 186 yards, according to Helfrich.
  • The Ducks practiced indoors in dry conditions. The coaching staff feels it best to practice well while dry rather than practice poorly in the rain, even if it may rain during the game.

Tweet of the Day

Ooooh, so nice. But maybe I've been conditioned. I still want different uniforms every week.

Video of the Day

The Oregon equipment team gives us an inside scoop on how they put together the awesome new-old helmets.