Jonathan Ferrey

Despite the high level of football the Ducks have been playing for the last couple of decades, the majority of football fandom associates our program with one thing: uniform insanity.

You can love them, hate them, or try to ignore them. But, this being the internet, the one thing you absolutely must do right now is vote on them. That's right, AtQ, I give to you the All-time Oregon Football Uniform Bracket. I'll try and trickle this out there over the rest of the season so all new fanboys and old curmudgeons alike can duke it out by casting your vote for your favorite football uniform of all time.

The basic format will be a standard NCAA March Madness 64-sized bracket. Based on jersey color, we'll have a White Regional, Yellow Regional, Green Regional, and WTF Regional. (That is, if I can come up with 16 different looks for each grouping.) Where applicable, I'll try and throw in a history lesson as well, regarding the game(s) they were used for.

So consider the comment section a place for me to crowdsource ideas, and for you to post relevant uniform pics that I'll consider for bracket usage.

I'm gathering up the White Regional pics as I'm writing this, and hope to have our first installment out soon.

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