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The Week 8 QuackPoll Finds Common Ground

After last week's nonsense, we had nowhere to go but up. Plus, with the playoff on the horizon, we start dreaming of January.

Pac-12 refs would call this an illegal block in the back, on the kicking team.
Pac-12 refs would call this an illegal block in the back, on the kicking team.
Tom Pennington

With only six unbeaten teams left, the QuackPoll is starting to come into round into form. Baylor finally gave us a reason to rank them highly, albeit giving up 58 points in the process, the state of Mississippi is mainlining Michael's Secret Stuff, and Notre Dame is doing Notre Dame things*. Disagreement still lies in the one-loss teams, but for now, that's irrelevant to the CFP discussion. Let's look at the poll!

Rank Team Points Change
1 Mississippi State (7) 199 +1
T-2 Florida State (1) 187 +2
T-2 Ole Miss 187 +1
4 Baylor 174 +2
5 Notre Dame 170 +2
6 Auburn 158 -5
7 Oregon 156 +3
T-8 Michigan State 137 +3
T-8 TCU 137 0
10 Alabama 116 -1
T-11 Georgia 113 +3
T-11 Oklahoma 113 +1
13 Arizona 111 -8
14 Oklahoma State 90 +1
15 Kansas State 87 +3
16 Arizona State 73 +2
T-17 Nebraska 58 +6
T-17 Utah 58 +4
19 Ohio State 57 +1
20 Marshall 45 +4
21 East Carolina 41 -5
22 Texas A&M 37 -9
23 USC 35 +6
24 Stanford 28 +2
25 Clemson 13 +7

Also Receiving Votes: Duke (12), UCLA (8), California (3), Washington (1), West Virginia (1)

Dropped Out: UCLA, Georgia Tech, California

Notre Dame Things: giving up lots of points to good offenses, looking inept against good defenses, and still going 6-0 through Catholic voodoo magic, kind of like how the nun from the Blues Brothers opens the door to her office with her mind.



Lazy This Week is David Piper, whose idea of submitting a ballot was ranking his top 5 and calling it a day. That's some next-level laziness, and I applaud the lack of effort.

Sheep This Week is the Ryan, the Dose himself, who is an Alabama away from having the AP top 9 in his ballot. Ryan, Sean Goodbody, and Dom all had the AP top 6, in order, but so did the composite poll. We're all feeling a little sheepish this week



If the season ended today, and the QuackPoll had all the power, here's the college football playoff we would see:

#1 Miss St vs. #4 Baylor in the Sugar Bowl

#2a Florida State vs. #2a Ole Miss in the Rose Bowl

Mississippi State-Baylor would be absolute chaos, and would be must-see TV. Florida State would just stand on Ole Miss' head until the clock ran out. I'd watch this playoff, for sure. Playoff scenario: Tako approved.


The Bias List

Blogger Loves Hates
Tako Baylor (#3) Alabama (#16)
Brandon Arizona (#8) Marshall (unranked)
Ryan Marshall (#10) Oklahoma (#16)
Rusty Texas A&M (#10) Arizona (#19)
Sean G East Carolina (#14) Nebraska (#25)
Sean L Arizona State (#15) TCU (#12)
Dom Ohio State (#12) East Carolina (unranked)
Noah Florida State (#1) Texas A&M (unranked)


The QuackPoll Games of the Week

Kansas State @ Oklahoma

Texas A&M @ Alabama

UCLA @ Cal

Oklahoma State @ TCU

Notre Dame @ Florida State

Stanford @ Arizona State


Awards History to Date

Drunk: Rusty, Brandon, Tako, Chris, Sean G, Ryan, Noah

Lazy: Dave, Ryan, Sean G, Noah, Ryan, Tako, Chris, Dave

Sheep: Sean L, Sean L, Brandon, Brandon, Chris, Sean L, Ryan