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The Week 6 QuackPoll Hides Behind the Familiar

When in doubt, put the Ducks #1.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It was a pretty dull week of college football in week 5; the only thing that we can really gleam from last week is that UCLA was just screwing with us all year, and that they're a real Pac-12 threat. Yes, Arizona State's defense is almost completely new. But a good offense is supposed to put up 62 points on a bad defense, and the Bruins did just that. October 11th in Pasadena looms large.

Let's see what a lackluster week did to the QuackPoll:

Rank Team Points Change
1 Oregon (5) 220 0
2 Oklahoma (2) 214 +1
3 Florida State (2) 207 -1
4 Alabama 192 +1
5 Auburn 185 +2
6 Texas A&M 181 -2
7 Baylor 174 -1
8 Mississippi State 162 0
9 Michigan State 147 +2
10 UCLA 139 +7
11 Notre Dame 138 -1
12 Ole Miss 132 -3
13 Stanford 103 +2
14 BYU 99 +2
15 Georgia 97 -2
16 LSU 79 +2
17 USC 71 +7
18 Wisconsin 64 +3
19 East Carolina 62 +1
20 Nebraska 56 +3
21 Oklahoma State 47 +8
22 Kansas State 34 +5
23 Ohio State 32 +5
24 Arizona 20 +2
25 Marshall 19 0

Also receiving votes: Arizona State (13), Missouri (13), TCU (13), South Carolina (6), Maryland (2), Colorado State (1)

Dropped out: Arizona State, South Carolina, Utah, Duke


Lotta small shuffling going on everywhere. The Ducks pick up three first-place votes, perhaps because we're another week removed from the Washington State game. The big shift is Oklahoma moving ahead of Florida State, after the Seminoles struggled with NC State, as they are wont to do. Also, Texas A&M's OT win over Arkansas knocked the Aggies down two spots, and out of the hypothetical QuackPoll playoff. Speaking of, Oregon-Alabama and Oklahoma-FSU would be two glorious semifinal games. We can only hope that the final four looks that good in December.

Drunk this week: Sean G. and Ryan, for putting Michigan State, whose best win is over Wyoming, over undefeated teams like Ole Miss, Mississippi State, BYU, and Nebraska. I think the Spartans are plenty good, sure. But what have they proven yet, other than they can beat awful teams and couldn't hang with Oregon?

Lazy this week: Chris Jones, who in week 6 becomes the first person to take a week off voting. I'm sure he's off somewhere in Zihuataneo, taking some old boat and fixing it up new.

Sheep this week: Sean Larson takes back the Sheep title with a strong showing, nailing the AP top 7, save for the Oregon bias that puts them ahead of FSU.


The Bias List:

Blogger Loves Hates
Tako Baylor (#3) Stanford (#19)
Brandon USC (#13) Ole Miss (#12)
Ryan Michigan State (#8) Notre Dame (#15)
Rusty LSU (#13) UCLA (#22)
Sean G. Notre Dame (#8) Auburn (#8)
Sean L. Ohio State (#15) Oklahoma State (unranked)
Dave Mississippi St (#4) Baylor (#11)
Dom UCLA (#6) Georgia (#25)
Noah Stanford (#12) Texas A&M (#8)


Award Winners:

Drunk: Rusty, Brandon, Tako, Chris, Sean G, Ryan

Lazy: Dave, Ryan, Sean G, Noah, Ryan, Tako, Chris

Sheep: Sean L, Sean L, Brandon, Brandon, Chris, Sean L