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Quack Fix: Ducks reach midway point of season, prepare for Friday matchup with Cal

I am not going to lie, eleven straight feels pretty damn good.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Practice highlights (from Oregon's official report):

  • With Thomas Tyner dinged up in the second half, it was Kenny Bassett who stepped in to spell Royce Freeman.  HIs workman-like performance on Saturday (six carries for 20 yards) did not surprise his teammates who have seen him practice all year.
  • Once again, the defense sounds like it continues to play well as Moseley notes a number of interceptions and that the team is "rallying to the ball."
  • The November 1 game against Stanford will have a 4:30 pm kickoff.

Quote of the day:

His leadership has been unbelievable.  The guy is a special guy in every phase and that element of his personality has developed so much, it's night and day. He's always been a powerful leader, but it's totally changed how much volume has come out of his mouth. That's been really neat to see develop.

--Mark Helfrich on Mariota and his development this season.


Go Ducks!