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The Week 10 QuackPoll's Well-Known Notre Dame Bias

Almost as big as our East Carolina bias. We must like small-conference teams.

Streeter Lecka

This is a special week for the QuackPoll; for the first time, we get to see how our humble little poll stacks up against the brain trust of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee's rankings. For the most part, we're on the same path.

Rank Team Points Change CFP Ranking
1 Mississippi State (8) 224 0 1
2 Florida State (1) 217 0 2
3 Oregon 202 +1 5
4 Auburn 192 +1 3
5 Alabama 179 +1 6
6 Michigan State 173 0 8
7 Notre Dame 165 +1 10
T-8 Ole Miss 160 -5 4
T-8 TCU 160 +1 7
10 Kansas State 145 0 9
11 Arizona 129 +2 12
12 Georgia 125 -1 11
13 Baylor 121 -1 13
14 Arizona State 109 0 14
15 Utah 97 0 17
16 Ohio State 86 0 16
17 Nebraska 78 0 15
T-18 East Carolina 59 +1 23
T-18 West Virginia 59 +6 20
20 LSU 56 +9 19
21 Marshall 50 -2 NR
22 Oklahoma 47 -1 18
23 Duke 35 -1 24
24 Clemson 20 +1 21
25 UCLA 13 +2 22

Also receiving votes: Colorado State (9), Stanford (4), Louisville (1), Wisconsin (1)

Dropped out: USC, Oklahoma State


The only two schools we rate more than two spots higher than the committee? Notre Dame, and East Carolina. Because Addicted to Quack is known for such biases. Wait, what? We also like Alabama more than a national group of smart people. Seriously, what the actual hell.

Our Pac-12 bias shows through as well, with Oregon, Arizona, and Utah all receiving a QuackPoll rating bump. We think less of UCLA than the committee, and for good reason. Perhaps they missed the part where the Bruins needed overtime to beat Colorado?

Did we ding Ole Miss too much for their 3-point road loss to LSU last week? Perhaps. But they'll have a chance to earn our trust right back this Saturday when Auburn comes to Oxford. The SEC West is insane.



Ryan is Drunk this week, for having Marshall in the Top 10. He's done this for a while now, but I think he's just been drunk for a while.

Sean Larson is the Sheep this week; he's got Alabama lower than the AP poll, and Michigan State a little higher, but he doesn't have a particularly egregious or funny-looking vote.

I'm retiring the Lazy Voter of the Week award; at this point in the season, teams have enough of a resume that only huge upsets will create big moves in the polls. It's really tough to tell who's making the least small moves from week to week. I'll give it to myself this last week, because disbanding the award is a sign of my own laziness, and I'm pretty sure I already gave Ryan the drunk award for overrating Marshall, but am too lazy to check



CFP: #1 Mississippi State vs. #4 Ole Miss, #2 Florida State vs. #3 Auburn

The entire state of Mississippi drives to New Orleans, and a rematch of last year's BCS Championship in Pasadena? Uh, yes please.

QuackPoll: #1 Mississippi State vs. #4 Auburn, #2 Florida State vs. #3 Oregon

We get a MSU-Auburn rematch in the Sugar Bowl, and Florida State has to play a home game on the opposite coast against the Ducks. I'd watch the hell out of this, too.

Man, this playoff thing is going to be awesome.



Florida State @ Louisville (THURSDAY)

Stanford @ Oregon

TCU @ West Virginia

Auburn @ Ole Miss

Arizona @ UCLA

Utah @ Arizona State


Awards History

Drunk: Rusty, Brandon, Tako, Chris, Sean G, Ryan, Noah, Ryan

Lazy: Dave, Ryan, Sean G, Noah, Ryan, Tako, Chris, Dave, Tako

Sheep: Sean L, Sean L, Brandon, Brandon, Chris, Sean L, Ryan, Sean L