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National Poll Review: Ducks fall in polls, proceed to drag everyone down with them

Oregon was the captain of the Titanic and fellow top 25 teams were the passengers in a chaotic week of college football.

Joe Murphy

When trying to describe what happened this weekend in college football, one scene from Talladega Nights comes to mind.

"This is only the beginning, it's going to get a lot worse"

Let's do this in the only way that seems possible, starting at the top and working our way down.

Florida State is currently the kid who controls the jungle gym, sitting at the top while laughing at all of the weaker kids below them. The Seminoles took care of business this weekend, steamrolling Wake Forrest 43-3. Auburn jumped up in both polls from No. 5 to No. 2 as every team previously ahead of them lost.

The Ducks dropped 10 spots to No. 12 in the AP Poll and seven spots to No. 11 in the Coaches Poll after losing to previously unranked Arizona at home this week, their first loss at Autzen to an unranked team since 2008.

Mississippi State defeated then-No. 6 Texas A&M by 17 to move up nine spots in the AP Poll to No. 3 and eight spots to No. 6 in the Coaches Poll. The Aggies fell to No. 14 in both polls. In the AP Poll, Ole Miss and Mississippi State are tied in the AP Poll at No. 3 with 1,320 points each.

Alabama fell to No. 7 in both polls after their loss to Ole Miss. A loss by the Crimson Tide always seems like a bigger deal than it should be, because it's Alabama football. It's like the Yankees missing the playoffs. Oh wait, that happened too, didn't it? Well, you get my point.

Joining the top 10 in the AP Poll is TCU at No. 9 (previously No. 22) and No. 10 Arizona (previously unranked). The two teams sit just outside the top 10 in the Coaches Poll with TCU at No. 12 and Arizona at No. 13.

Previously at No. 8 in the AP Poll, UCLA fell 10 spots to No. 18 after losing to Utah at home. The Utes slipped into the AP Poll at No. 24 but still sit unranked in the Coaches Poll.

Arizona State moved up six spots in the AP Poll to No. 20 after becoming the latest Pac-12 team to complete a game-winning Hail Mary.

Georgia Tech was rewarded for their 5-0 start with a spot in both polls (No. 22 in the AP Poll, No. 23 in the Coaches Poll). The Yellow Jackets have defeated Virginia Tech and Miami to start conference play.

Stanford just barely stayed in the polls, falling to No. 25 in the AP Poll and No. 22 in the Coaches Poll. The Cardinal are the only team in the AP Top 25 with two losses currently.

For a full picture on the chaos and anarchy that ensued, both polls, barely still standing from the weekend's tire fire, are below just in case you enjoy watching things burn and crumble.


Thanks to four other teams in the top 10 also losing, the Ducks have essentially been granted a mulligan. As the Arizona game wound down, you got the sense that even if Oregon survived their second straight nail-biter, this was not a team that was going to go undefeated this season. If this game was their one hiccup of 2014, it might have come at the most convenient time possible. With the Bruins also losing this weekend, it makes Saturday's game between the two schools even bigger. One team can begin to redeem their season while the other will need to do everything they can to prevent a free fall.