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Saturday Afternoon College Gameday Open Thread

A look at Saturday's college football games amongst televised, ranked teams.

Stacy Revere

Good morning my Duck brethren.  So, I am making weekly game threads for the early morning-slash-afternoon games.  In other words, all games before 4:00pm, Oregon time.  Today, there is one really good game on that list (Auburn and Ole Miss, with the outcome having a potential influence on the Ducks' Playoff hopes), and really not a lot else.  Florida State played on Thursday, and both Ohio State and Michigan State get the weekend off to prepare to do battle next week.  TCU looks good, and Georgia looks potent even without Gurley, but really, it looks like a relatively quiet afternoon for college football.  The evening games....who are we kidding.  Ducks/Stanford is the only game any of us are going to be attentive to.  Here's hoping everyone had a great week; we got our first snow of the season in Michigan yesterday.  Cheer me up by dominating the comments section, and GO DUCKS!!!


(7) TCU @ (20) West Virginia (ABC)

Florida @ (11) Georgia (CBS)


Kansas @ (13) Baylor (FS1)


Arkansas @ (1) Mississippi St. (ESPN2)

(3) Auburn @ (4) Ole Miss (ESPN) - Okay, to be fair, this one is at 4:15.  But close enough.