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Saturday Evening College Gameday Open Thread

The best of the rest for your Saturday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Alright.  So there are some games on at night, too!  Oklahoma already pounded Iowa State, and Eastern Illinois fell to Temple.  So here is your list:


Stanford @ (5) OREGON!!!!!! (Fox) - Obviously, there is going to be an ATQ game thread, but still, I had to mention this!!! It's Stanford!  STANFORD! Andrew Luck!  Shayne Skov!  STANFORD!!!


Oklahoma State @ (9) Kansas State (ABC) - Who would win in a game between #9 KSU and #10 ND?

(10) Notre Dame @ Navy (CBS) - I think most of the nation really took a liking to the Irish after that Florida State Game.

Illinois @ (16) Ohio State (ABC) - The Buckeyes are playing Illinois and fine-tuning for the Spartans.


(12) Arizona @ (22) UCLA (ESPN) - PAC12 ACTION!!! Personally, I am rooting for UCLA here, because Arizona.....just....darn them.


(17) Utah @ (14) Arizona State (FS1) - PAC12 ACTION!!! Much like the game above, we have two P12 teams playing who are ranked.  This is good for our conference.  We may not be the "ESS EEE SEE," but I am a firm believer that we are the second-strongest conference in the country.