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The Week 13 QuackPoll Sees Through the BS

#1 goes down in Tuscaloosa, and the QuackPoll voters make sense of it all.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Last week's CFP rankings put one-loss Oregon ahead of undefeated Florida State. The QuackPoll voters went, " can do that?" And this week, after Alabama beat Mississippi State, we did just that.

Rank Team Points Change CFP Rank
1 Oregon (3) 171 +2 2
2 Florida State (4) 169 0 3
3 Alabama 164 +2 1
4 TCU 151 0 5
5 Baylor 143 +2 7
6 Ohio State 140 +2 6
7 Mississippi State 139 -6 4
8 Ole Miss 124 +2 8
9 Michigan State 115 +2 11
10 Kansas State 102 +3 12
11 Arizona 90 +3 15
12 Georgia 89 +5 10
13 Wisconsin 86 +9 16
14 Arizona State 84 -8 13
15 Marshall 72 +4 NR
16 UCLA 71 -1 9
17 Auburn 68 -8 14
18 Georgia Tech 60 +7 18
19 Colorado State 54 +4 NR
20 Utah 46 +4 17
21 Nebraska 37 -9 23
22 Missouri 35 +5 20
23 USC 23 +7 19
24 Duke 22 -8 NR
25 Oklahoma 11 +4 21

Also receiving votes: Boise State (4), Minnesota (2), Utah State (2), Notre Dame (1)

Dropped Out: Notre Dame, Clemson, LSU


-Our voters saw through the Mississippi State bullshit, taking them all the way down to 7th and out of the playoff. Of course, by doing that we left a team in the playoff that futzed around and beat Kansas by four last week. Man, there really are no good teams in college football this year.

-Interesting voting patterns at the top: Oregon, Florida State, and Alabama received all of the votes in the top 3, in a curious way. Oregon garnered only 1st and 2nd place votes, Alabama only 2nd and 3rd, and Florida State only 1st and 3rd. Voters only voted Oregon-Bama-FSU, or FSU-Oregon-Bama, with no other combinations. Don't know what to make of it, since the math classes I'm currently in involve adding and subtracting numbers less than 20*.

*because I teach first grade, not because I'm a moron. I'm also a moron, but that's irrelevant at this moment.

-GOOD LORD, look at those Pac-12 playoff rankings! Six teams in the top 19?! If we needed more proof that no one pays attention to Pac-12 football, we've got a big dose of it right here. It could also be that all the conferences are secretly terrible, and it isn't just ours, but I'm betting that isn't the case. Typical Duck homer move by us, by the way, overvaluing the team that beat us, and undervaluing everyone else.

-UCLA as the ninth best team in the country is a wonderful piece of nonsense. You think the committee knows they beat Cal and Colorado by a combined five points? Or are they just blissfully ignoring it whilst staring at Jerry Neuheisel's immaculately feathered hair?

Photo Credit - Mark J. Rebilas of USA Today

Beauty Credit - Susan Neuheisel

As little credit as possible - Rick Neuheisel



CFP: #1 Alabama vs. #4 Mississippi State (Sugar Bowl), and #2 Oregon vs. #3 Florida State (Rose Bowl)

A game we've already seen in one semifinal, and a game everyone is dying to see in the other semifinal.

QuackPoll: #1 Oregon vs. #4 TCU (Rose Bowl), and #2 Florida State vs. #3 Alabama (Sugar Bowl)

Points points points in Pasadena, and a slugfest in Nawlins. Oregon wins, and gets a beat up opponent in the final, with only a week for them to prepare to face the Ducks. This is the best case scenario.



Drunk this week: Sean Larson and his vote for Notre Dame. I don't feel this needs explaining.

Lazy this week: Rusty and Dom, who did not submit ballots. Since they didn't tell me they were missing this week, I will go ahead and assume they have both been boarded and seized by Somali pirates. And by Somali, I mean East Carolina. They are surely gone forever, since East Carolina does not actually exist in the United States, and therefore must by in an alternate dimension.

Sheep this week: Me, which I saw coming as soon as I kept Mississippi State in the Top 4. Baaaaaah.



Blogger Loves Hates
Tako Mississippi St. (#4) TCU (#6)
Brandon Ohio State (#4) Kansas St (#14)
Ryan Marshall (#9) Mississippi St (#7)
Sean G. Colorado St. (#14) UCLA (unranked)
Sean L. Arizona St. (#12) Arizona (#20)
Dave Wisconsin (#10) Auburn (#22)
Noah UCLA (#11) Marshall (#24)



Arizona @ Utah



... are literally the only two games this week between ranked teams. Here's who the SEC plays this week:

Eastern Kentucky 
South Alabama 
Charleston Southern
Western Carolina

Not an FBS team in the bunch. Shameful.