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Saturday College Gameday Open Thread

If you have nothing going on at 12:30, you have a handful of games to ease you into your weekend. Flood the comments section, because we have the best fanbase on all of SBN.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning fans of the green and yellow!  After what seems like an eternity since the Ducks last took the field, we get more Quack for our craving today as the Colorado Buffalo take their best shot at knocking us down.  Of course, there will be a game thread on that.  My job is to cover the rest of the day, telling you what other teams play, even if their uniforms never look nearly as crisp and stylish as ours do.  So without further ado…..

(25) Minnesota @ (23) Nebraska (ESPN) - Two very underrated B10 teams.  Who knew the conference had more than the Spartans and Buckeyes?  

Washington State @ (13) Arizona State (P12) - Because we all need a little more Pac 12 football in our day.  

(15) Arizona @ (17) Utah (ESPN) - Because one Pac 12 matchup isn't enough!!!!

(8) Ole Miss @ Arkansas (CBS) - It seems like Ole Miss was the #1 team in the country not too long ago....

(16) Wisconsin @ Iowa (ABC/ESPN2) - It's Big 10 football.  I don't have much else.....

(24) Louisville @ Notre Dame (NBC) 0 It seems like Notre Dame was ranked in the top-10 not too long ago....

Boston College @ (3) fsu (ABC) - Can we expect another come-from-behind win from fsu against a team who they should handle easily?  

Colorado @ (2) OREGON DUCKS (P12) - Game of the day?  I think so.

Oklahoma State @ (7) Baylor

(20) Missouri @ Tennessee (ESPN)

(19) USC @ (9) UCLA (ABC) - Watching Hundley and Kessler play a chess match on the field could be intriguing.