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FanSourcing: The Marcus Mariota Holy Trinity

O'Hara Catholic School's is Jesus, girls, and Marcus Mariota. What's yours?

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it last night, a sixth grader at O' Hara Catholic School won the World Press Conference Championship of the World with his question to Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich, in which he clarified his initial question about Marcus Mariota leaving or staying by saying this:

Well there's three things that go on at O'Hara Catholic. There's Jesus, there's girls, and there's Marcus Mariota

Obviously this is the greatest thing ever, and hypothetically, if someone were to like money and want more of it, they would sell as many shirts as they could with this on it until the athletic department shut them down, sending one to my house first. But this got me thinking: what are the three things that go on in your life? Clearly if you're reading this, then Marcus Mariota is one of them. But what are the other two? For each facet of my life, they'd look like this.

Slacker Tako - burritos, Netflix, and Marcus Mariota

Teacher Tako - monkey bars, picture books, and Marcus Mariota

Blogger Tako - five hours of sleep, carpal tunnel syndrome, and Marcus Mariota

And for other people, famous people, they might look like this:

Barack Obama - chain-smoking, gray hair, and Marcus Mariota

Vincent Van Gogh - painting, self-harm, and Marcus Mariota

Guy Fieri - flame shirts, cholesterol, and Marcus Mariota

Angelina Jolie - adopting children, adopting more children, and Marcus Mariota

The Somali pirate from Captain Phillips - taking over ships, being the captain now, and Marcus Mariota

Cookie Monster - cookies, cookies, and Marcookies Marioatmealcookies

Lady Gaga - getting caught in bad romances, having an unreadable poker face, and Marcus Mariota

Kevin Hart - talking about being short, being in every movie ever made since 2012, and Marcus Mariota

Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood - money, drinking your milkshake, and Marcus Mariota

Now it's your turn: leave your Marcus Mariota holy trinity in the comments, and tell us what's important to you!