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Oregon Ducks 30, Oregon State Beavers 3: Civil War Second Half Open Thread

Oregon thoroughly dominated the first half of the Civil War, taking a huge lead to the locker room.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The Ducks look good. Really good. Oregon scored on their first five drives (including four touchdowns) as the Ducks put the pedal down early and never let up.

While Oregon looked great, the Beavers were the exact opposite, being stopped on 4th and 1 twice, and failing to convert a 3rd down until the final drive of the half, a 14 play, 74 yard drive that ended in a field goal as time expired.

While neither team turned the ball over, Oregon's Charles Nelson muffed a punt that thankfully ricocheted out of bounds, or else OSU might have been able to blunt Oregon's momentum.

OSU will start out the second half with the ball, while Oregon will look to quickly put the game away. Stick around for the second half. GO DUCKS!