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Oregon Slides Into No. 4 Spot In College Football Playoff Rankings

The new college football playoff ranking have Oregon in the bracket.

Steve Dykes

If the season ended today, Oregon would be in the college football playoff.

In the new rankings that were released Tuesday, Oregon took the No. 4 spot, putting them as the last team into the playoff. Mississippi State, Florida State, and Auburn took the top three spots. We these the actual end of season rankings, it would pit No. 4 Oregon against No. 1 Mississippi State in the first round. Alabama was fifth in the rankings, followed by TCU and Kansas State.

With TCU playing Kansas State next week, there is potential for Oregon to fall, even if they beat Utah, a ranked opponent in their own right. However, with the SEC West still to play many conference games, it seems a sure bet that Mississippi St., Auburn, and Alabama will beat each other up, leaving only the SEC champion in the playoff. With the strength of the Pac-12, a 12-1 Pac-12 champion would assuredly be in.

Oregon takes on Utah Saturday night at 7:00 on ESPN.