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The Week 11 QuackPoll Finds Balance in the College Football Playoff

Did you read our Week 10 QuackPoll? Were you hoping for a new team to creep into the playoff? Spoiler alert: It didn't happen.

Steve Dykes

I will be stepping in for Tako in this week's QuackPoll. The first thing I've learned about doing this poll is that it takes forever and a day. Seriously, I've spent the last hour adding up the rankings. We need to find some team of interns to do this for us while we sit back and crack open a beer. Here is the Week 11 QuackPoll:

Rank Team Points Change CFP Ranking
1 Mississippi State (7) 223 0 1
2 Florida State (2) 218 0 2
3 Oregon 203 0 4
4 Auburn 200 0 3
5 TCU 179 +3 6
6 Alabama 176 -1 5
7 Michigan State 170 -1 8
T-8 Kansas State 154 +2 7
T-8 Notre Dame 154 -1 10
10 Arizona State 139 +4 9
11 Baylor 135 +2 12
12 Ole Miss 132 -4 11
13 Ohio State 121 +3 14
14 Nebraska 107 +3 13
15 LSU 88 +5 16
16 Oklahoma 67 +6 15
17 Arizona 64 -6 19
18 Duke 62 +5 22
19 Utah 58 -4 17
20 Marshall 51 +1 NR
21 UCLA 41 +4 18
22 Georgia 40 -10 20
23 West Virginia 25 -5 23
24 Wisconsin 24 +5 25
25 Clemson 16 -1 21

Also receiving votes: East Carolina (14), Colorado State (6)

Dropped Out: East Carolina


Georgia plummetted 10 spots in our poll after giving up a fake field goal to a walk-on wide receiver who bags groceries at Publix on Sunday's.

Oklahoma saw the biggest spike, rising six spots after coming back to the win column with a 59-14 whooping over Iowa State. As the Cyclones learned, you never want to face a team who just suffered a crushing loss the week before. It never ends well.

We have the Ducks ranked at No. 3 instead of No. 4 as the College Football Playoff does. That means cheaper plane tickets for all of us as it would put Oregon in the Rose Bowl instead of the Sugar Bowl. I can totally afford those sweet deals to LAX on Southwest Airlines. NOLA? Hang on, gotta go ask my boss for a raise.

Our College Football Playoff Rankings have held steady, which means that we're probably getting lazy and not creating enough chaos. We'll work on that.


On to the AWARDS!

Sharing the drunk award in a landslide is Tako and Dave, who VOTED FOR TEAMS TWICE. Tako ranked Auburn 4th AND 6th. Talk about SEC bias. Dave ranked Wisconsin 21st and 23rd. He must be drunk off of PBR.

Sheep voter this week goes to Brandon, who has 9 of the top 10 teams from the AP poll in his top 10, including an identical top three order. It's a totally logical top 10 that nobody would question if they saw it published. Homer Simpson thinks Brandon's poll is borrrinnnggg.

The lazy award is dead, because we're all too lazy to see who did the least work. You knew this was inevitable.



CFP: #1 Mississippi State vs. #4 Oregon, #2 Florida State vs #3 Auburn

Oregon fans foam at the mouth for matches against the SEC because they're like the kids at the Thanksgiving party who want to sit at the adult table. Sure, we all know the Ducks can beat up on Tennessee, but they want to prove they can win a big-time game against the best SEC team in the nation this year.

If the season ended today, Florida State and Auburn would face each other again at the Rose Bowl. This is funny because for the second straight year, both groups of fans would be forced to travel across the entire country rather to attend the game.

QuackPoll: #1 Mississippi State vs. #4 Auburn, #2 Florida State vs #3 Oregon

One one side, you'd have a good ol' fashioned SEC brawl in NOLA. On the other side, you'd have east coast vs. west coast squaring off at the Rose Bowl. I'd like to think Oregon fans would outnumber Florida State fans, but in both 2010 and 2012, the Ohio State fans and Wisconsin fans swarmed Pasadena and painted the stadium red. This matchup would likely be no different.


Awards History

Drunk: Rusty, Brandon, Tako, Chris, Sean G, Ryan, Noah, Ryan, Tako/Dave

Lazy: Dave, Ryan, Sean G, Noah, Ryan, Tako, Chris, Dave, Tako

Sheep: Sean L, Sean L, Brandon, Brandon, Chris, Sean L, Ryan, Sean L, Brandon