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Early Morning/Afternoon College Gameday Open Thread

While the juicier games start in the evening, there are some closely-seeded teams looking to create distance while you're still eating brunch. And as long as bacon is a part of that brunch, then everyone wins.

Trevor Knight is off to the races
Trevor Knight is off to the races
David Purdy

Oregon plays late, and there are some intriguing matchups before the evening comes.  That said, Michigan State and Ohio State should be a great game, as will Alabama and LSU, with both of those games starting at 5:00 Oregon-time. A lot can be determined today.  This year, one loss will put you on your back.  Now, onto the preview for all games before 5:00.


(12) Baylor @ (15) Oklahoma (FS1) – Baylor has never won at Oklahoma. Oklahoma holds a 21-2 series lead.  But Baylor won 41-12 last year.  Baylor leads the nation with 509.3 yards per game.  These are your BIG12 fun facts for the day.

Presbyterian @ (11) Ole Miss (SEC) – How many of you have the SEC network?  Anyone?  Even if you do, without Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss isn’t the same team.  Their momentum has absolutely hit a brick wall, though they should easily handle the Blue Hose.

(25) Wisconsin @ Purdue (ESPNU) – If Baylor and Oklahoma are on, you’re watching that game.  You only watch the Badgers game if you’re hardcore.

(20) Georgia @ Kentucky (ESPN) – The Bulldogs were embarrassed by the Gators last weekend. In the almighty ESS EEE SEE, you can’t afford many slips.  Don’t expect Georgia to start a losing streak.  And don’t expect them to surrender 424 yards rushing again.


Texas A&M @ (3) Auburn (CBS) – This game would have been a lot more appealing in early October.  Still, The Aggies are going to put up a fight.  That said, Auburn is t.o.u.g.h. and they hold the nation’s longest home-winning streak at 14.

(10) Notre Dame @ (9) Arizona State (ABC) – ASU is 3-1 at home.  This has the potential to be a very intriguing game.  You could easily argue that the Fighting Irish should be 8-0.  ESPN dubbed this a "playoff elimination" game.


Virginia @ (2) Florida State (ESPN) – I have nothing constructive to say about the Seminoles.

(7) Kansas State @ (6) TCU (Fox) – Two 7-1 BIG12 teams, separated by one spot in the AP Poll.  TCU is averaging 48 ppg, good for 2nd in the FBS.  Kansas State is 2-0 against the Frogs since TCU joined the conference in 2012.



(5) Alabama @ (16) LSU (CBS) - This is going to be a test for Saban and the boys.  The Tigers are going to come to play.

(14) Ohio State @ (8) Michigan State (ABC) - Who wants to officially own the Big 10?

Colorado @ (19) Arizona (P12) - Colorado has lost eight P12 games in a row.  Just sayin.