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Second Half GameThread: Oregon Ducks at Utah Utes

Utah gave the Ducks a chance, and they cashed it in for a 24-10 halftime lead.

George Frey

Oregon was in trouble. Down 7-0, sputtering on offense, and now Utah WR Kaelin Clay was streaking toward the endzone to put the Utes up by two touchdowns.

The thing about touchdowns though. You need to take the ball all the way into the endzone to get the points. Clay dropped the ball in celebration at the 1-yard line, it was picked up by an alert Erick Dargan, and eventually ended up in the hands of Joe Walker, who took it goal line to goal line for the equalizing touchdown. This game one series after Utah starting QB Kendal Thompson went down with what looked to be a significant right knee injury. Those two plays completely swung the momentum, and Oregon took advantage. The Ducks defense started attacking, the offensive line found a groove, and Marcus Mariota brought his usual brand of magic. In what seemed to be the blink of an eye, it was 24-7 Oregon. Utah tacked on a field goal before half, but this is a completely different game of Kaelin Clay gets taught to hand the ball to the back judge.

Oregon gets the ball to start the second half, as they look to add on to their lead. Go Ducks!