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Why The Selection Committee "Got It Right"

No, Baylor and TCU. You didn't get 'screwed.'

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The selection committee managed not to screw the whole thing up! Good on them. Regardless, even when the idea of a college football playoff became a reality, we all knew there were still going to be a handful of teams who felt shunned. You could have a 32-team playoff and somewhere Steve Spurrier would be griping about how the committee didn't take into account just how competitive the SEC is. Low and behold, Baylor and TCU are those guys this year! We've all heard the sob stories from Waco and Fort Worth, and they're all unwarranted. So, TCU and Baylor folks, STAWWP IT ALREADY. Here are the four chosen teams and why they all deserve to be in the playoff over yours:

(1) Alabama: Break out the pitchforks and torches if you must. But the SEC is still the best conference in college football, and it’s not even close. I think Arizona’s horrendous showing in the Pac-12 Championship solidifies that. For those who don’t feel Alabama’s résumé is adequate enough to earn them the number one seed, take a look at their body of work. They beat West Virginia by 10 on a neutral site. That same West Virginia team would go on to beat Baylor later in the year. They embarrassed then No. 21 Texas A&M 59-0, beat then No. 16 LSU at Death Valley, upset the number one team in the country at the time (Mississippi State), beat then No. 15 Auburn in the Iron Bowl, and blew out No. 16 Missouri in the SEC Championship. Anyone care to object?

(2) Oregon: Like I'd say they didn't belong even if that were the actual case. HA. Jokes aside, the Ducks body of work is absolutely stupendous. How many other teams in the playoff played AND WON against a top 5 out-of-conference team? EXACTLY. So everyone can rule out that the Ducks didn't have a challenging enough out-of-conference schedule. As for Pac-12 play, they blew out all their opponents except Wazzu. Their one loss came against Arizona, who by the time the conference championship game rolled around, were ranked No. 7. Not only did the Ducks avenge their lone loss, but they completely outmatched the Wildcats, winning 51-13. Keep in mind the Ducks did this all year with essentially a revolving door of reserve offensive lineman due to injuries. Falling in a close one to Arizona and then proceeding to dominate them in the rematch left no doubts as to who the best team in the conference was. Oh, and the Pac-12 was also the clear cut 2nd best conference this year. Sorry, Big 12!

(3) Florida State: The Seminoles were rarely dominant this year (if ever at all). But they didn't lose. Sure, they should have lost, buuut they didn't. Despite being this year's "miracle team" a la Auburn in 2013, prevailing week after week in close games says something. After recent years of seeing the Ducks drop a game or two, Oregon fans can attest to just how damn difficult it is to go undefeated. Also, the rule of the champs still applies. Until someone beats them, Florida State deserves the chance to defend their title. Alright, enough with the Florida State compliments. I feel disgusting. I can't wait for the Why You Should Hate: Florida State Edition! So. Many. Jameis. Jokes.

(4) THE Ohio State University: Yes, the Big 10 was a laughing stock in the month of September. There's no denying its ineptitude. But the Buckeyes played a more difficult out-of-conference schedule than both Baylor and TCU. More importantly, their conference isn't run by imbeciles, so they have the all important conference championship game, which ultimately led to them getting the nod. Keep in mind, the team lost not one, but TWO Heisman candidates this season, which left most writing the Buckeyes off. Still with only one loss, in order to get in it was said that they'd need to make a statement against Wisconsin in the Big 10 championship with their third-string quarterback. I honestly ruled the Buckeyes out at this point. Stupid me. They ended up torching Wisconsin 59-0! I'd say that's enough of a statement. When a team can play with virtually anyone under center and still win, I'd say that's a pretty damn good football team.

Since the final four were revealed, it's been a hilarious debacle of finger pointing, outrage, and self-pitying from the Big 12’s commissioner, coaches, and fans. Such entertainment! The fact that this happened to two teams from the great state of TEXUSS makes it all the more satisfying. If it were Iowa State and Kansas left out, I’d probably be right there with them screaming foul play. But it didn't, and it's so glorious.

The state of Texas is the guy who purchases the biggest mother effing 4x4 on the lot to compensate for his lack of…yeah you know where I’m going with this. Coincidently, Texans love trucks! Anytime Texans get together, it’s a self-congratulatory circle jerk. Scratch that. Texans do this EVERYWHERE, especially when they’re amongst non-Texans. DURR EVERYTHANG’S BIGGER IN TEXAS! DURR. DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS DURR. Despite having the most unjustified superiority complex in the history of mankind, which is applied to every aspect of life by them, the game of FOOTBAW is where Texans prove they are most insufferable.

But I digress. Anyway, Baylor and TCU fans are now busy playing the role of martyr because ZOMG the committee like totally hates us. While their rage is understandable to a degree, they have no one to blame but their very one conference. Remember conference realignment? Yeah, the Big 12 didn't fare too well from it. After losing four of its teams and gaining only two, the Big 12 decided not to pick up two more schools to be systematically the same as the other power conferences.There you have it, the very first bullet the Big 12 shot in its own foot.

Records, head-to-head match ups, out-of-conference opponents aside, the Big 12 doesn't deserve to be in the playoff because through all the controversy leading up to it, they've proven to be the most egregious conference by a land slide, and it's been this way for years. Remember the 2009 Big 12 Championship, when Nebraska got screwed by the officials so Texas could remain undefeated and play in the National Championship?

How hilarious was it watching their "One True Champion" motto end up biting them in the ass? In case you were wondering, yes, the Big 12 did in fact hire a PR company in an attempt to sway the committee's opinion. That tagline reeks of begging. Then we all got to see Big 12 Commissioner, Bob Bowlsby contradict their motto by pretty much saying, "We can still have one true champion by having co-champions." Hu?

Here's where it starts to get real shady.

By rule, at seasons end Baylor should have been crowned as champions of the Big 12 due to their head-to-head win over TCU, the only other 1 loss team in the conference. However, since TCU was the highest ranked team in the conference and therefore thought to have had the best chance to represent the Big 12 in the college football playoff, Bob Bowlsby changed the rule…A FREAKING WEEK BEFORE THE SEASON ENDED.

Scumbag Bob Bowlsby named Baylor and TCU co-champions and with his new set of 'rules,' Baylor would only be acknowledged as the sole champion of the Big 12 if both TCU and Baylor were left out of the playoff.

In short, The Big 12 was narcissistic enough to give Baylor the short end of the stick so their meal ticket, TCU would look prettier for the selection committee. Yes, they were THAT desperate to have one of their teams in. Capitol Hill doesn't have have as much sleaziness as the Big 12 did in the last few weeks of the season.

The fish always rots from the head first. Following suit, Baylor hired a PR firm too! Sadly, not even Don Draper could come up with a campaign that could justify their sorry ass résumé. In his coaches poll, Oklahoma State head coach, Mike Gundy, put Baylor and TCU in the playoff, with Oregon at No. 5. Mike Gundy may say he's a man, but like his conference, he's proven to have absolutely no integrity.

Seriously, look at this buffoon.

There's been no one more outspoken than Baylor head coach, Art Briles. Art had some pretty interesting hot takes on getting "left out."

"My opinion, since people are asking? I think the committee needs to be a little more regionalized with people that are associated with the south part of the United States." -Art Briles

Wait, what? Isn't the southern part of the U.S. repeatedly shoved down our throats by the media for having the bestest FOOTBAW in the country? Art, the committee wasn't assembled so that each region could act as a representative for their teams. The whole point was for a group of unbiased individuals to get together and decide on the most deserving teams. Is that too difficult to grasp?

"I’ll say that. I’m not sure if there’s a connection on there that is that familiar with the Big 12 Conference. To me, that’s an issue." -Art Briles

Translation: We need to have more Big 12 people on the committee so they can team up and screw over some other conference! Once again, Art, no one on the committee, regardless of conference affiliation owes you anything. Also, saying the committee isn't 'familiar' with the Big 12 is a pathetic argument. The committee saw PLENTY of Big 12 games and came to the conclusion that Baylor played  a soft schedule and TCU was undeserving because they lost to Baylor and didn't truly win their conference. End of story.

"I know Archie. He’s a friend. He understands football down here. When he went off that committee, we were in trouble. We need a voice. We need a voice." -Art Briles

Here, Art is showcasing his disapproval that the selection committee wasn't set up like an "old boys network" with under the table offers and compromised ethics! But you're wrong, Art. The Big 12 had a voice. They just weren't corrupt enough for your liking.

Baylor and TCU will be rendered spectators for the first ever college football playoff. Their conference, the Big 12, is the only Power 5 conference without a team in the playoff. They all have no one to blame but themselves.