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Quack Fix: Almost All-Video Edition

Your daily collection of Oregon Duck links and videos.

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Video Of The Day #1

Video Of The Day #2

How about a the first stroll down memory lane?

Video Of the Day #3

You want to waste some time? Go watch Fowlplay's Fan Perspective Videos, which have sadly not been around for the past couple years.

But for whatever reason, I decided to watch this one last night. Because we have plenty of time to talk about those Noles. I'm still in reflection mode, and I won't actually start really thinking about the Rose Bowl until December 26th. I don't think I've watched this video in probably over 3 years. But with the Ducks in the playoffs, it seems like a good time to look back. Because well, we're have that shot again. As close as we were in 2010, we have a chance to reach that mountaintop yet again. And I'm going to savor that over the next couple weeks. And yes, you should totally go re-watch every video from 2010.

Duck Fan Perspective - BCS Championship Game from Fowlplay2010 on Vimeo.

Video Of The Day #4

Storytime with Scott Frost, though he did not win the Broyles Award.