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Oregon State snags Gary Andersen from Wisconsin as new head football coach

Oregon State pulls a shocker, convincing Gary Andersen to leave Madison for Corvallis.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The world doesn't make sense anymore:

You read that right. A football coach willingly left a pretty good job at Wisconsin to take the job at Oregon State.

Andersen was 19-7 in two seasons with the Badgers, including a 10-3 record this season. Wisconsin won the Big Ten West before being thrashed by Ohio State, 59-0, in the Big Ten Championship Game.

Before Wisconsin, Andersen spent four years at Utah State, where he amassed a 26-24 record, but took the Aggies from 4-8 his first year to 11-2 in his final season.

The move seems strange, as Wisconsin is unequivocally a better job than Oregon State. There are rumors that Andersen, a native of Salt Lake CIty, wanted to return closer to his roots. There were also concerns when he was hired at Wisconsin over how his spread offense would mix with the Badgers' power run tradition. Although he upheld the power run tradition in Madison, it's possible he was more comfortable with a more spread out offense. Whatever his reason, the move is curious, and Badger fans will hope for an explanation.

I don't have an answer for why two coaches have left Wisconsin in three years, let alone for Arkansas and Oregon State, but the Beavers appear to have hit a home run with this hire. They get a big name coach that will immediately breathe energy into the program and fanbase. Whether he can recruit to Corvallis is yet to be seen.

Also yet to be seen is which of his assistants he will bring with him. I will say, the thought of Andy Ludwig as offensive coordinator at Oregon State is delicious.