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Duck the Bowl Odds: Sean & Rusty Pick Every Damn Game

Every. Damn. Game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rusty: 5-3 (Championship Week); 89-98-2 (Overall)

Rusty's Hits: Baylor (-9), Louisiana Tech (+12.5), Alabama (-14.5), Ohio State (+4), Fresno State (+20.5)

Rusty's Misses: Arizona (+14.5), Oklahoma (-20), Florida State (-4)

Sean: 3-5 (Championship Week); 95-92-2 (Overall)

Sean's Hits: Oregon (-14.5), Louisiana Tech (+12.5), Georgia Tech (+4)

Sean's Misses: Kansas State (+9), Oklahoma (-20), Missouri (+14.5), Wisconsin (-4), Boise State (-20.5)

Last Week's Picks

Rusty did a nice job on championship week, as he saw through the mystery around Alabama and Ohio State, and foresaw that Boise State would fail to curb-stomp Fresno State.

And now, the bowl field is set, the packs of free swag for the players are being prepared, the holiday-themed-but-still-psych-up-type music is being readied by ESPN for every commercial break.

Sean and Rusty took the last week off making picks. It is tiresome being so close to mediocre. But now, we've got approximately 73 bowl games to pick, and YES: we are going to pick each and every one of them.

To the picks!

Bowl Season Picks


Sean Says: Lousiana-Lafayette (+1) over Nevada

Fun fact: the Ragin' Cajuns have won the last three New Orleans Bowls over San Diego State, East Carolina, and Tulane. This is ostensibly a home game for them. GIMME THE CAJUNS.

Rusty Says: Nevada (-1) over Lousiana-Lafayette


Sean Says: Utah State (-10) over UTEP

Rusty Says: UTEP (+10) over Utah State


Sean Says: Colorado State (+3.5) over Utah

Even without their prize pig, Coach Jim McElwain, the Rams have some serious talent and are as good as anyone in the West.

Rusty Says: Utah (-3.5) over Colorado State

If you can take a team from Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl, you do it every time.


Sean Says: Western Michigan (+1.5) over Air Force

Rusty Says: Western Michigan (+1.5) over Air Force


Sean Says: South Alabama (-3) over Bowling Green

I have no idea what a "camellia" is, but BGSU is pretty bad at the defense. Plus I would totally take a Jaguar over a Falcon in a fight, so there's that.

Rusty Says: South Alabama (-3) over Bowling Green


Sean Says: Memphis (-1.5) over BYU

Memphis has serious coaching talent and can score points. BYU's heads are going to be spinning in Miami, both because of the offensive fireworks and all the stuff that happens in Miami.

Rusty Says: BYU (+1.5) over Memphis


Sean Says: Northern Illinois (+10) over Marshall

I dig me some Marshall. But Northern Illinois is too experienced to get blowed out in this game.

Rusty Says: Northern Illinois (+10) over Marshall


Sean Says: Navy (+3) over San Diego State

Rusty Says: San Diego State (-3) over Navy


Sean Says: Western Kentucky (-3.5) over Central Michigan

Rusty Says: Western Kentucky (-3.5) over Central Michigan


Sean Says: Rice (-2) over Fresno State

Rusty Says: Fresno State (+2) over Rice


Sean Says: Illinois (+6) over Louisiana Tech

So we know for sure that the heart of rock and roll is still beating. The heart of Dallas? We have no way of knowing for sure. But I think Illinois is ready for a bowl win.

Rusty Says: Louisiana Tech (-6) vs. Illinois


Sean Says: North Carolina (-3) over Rutgers

Rusty Says: North Carolina (-3) over Rutgers


Sean Says: UCF (-2) over N.C. State

Every time I pick with or against N.C. State I'm wrong. So, obviously, bet the mortgage on this one.

Rusty Says: UCF (-2) over N.C. State


Sean Says: Cincinnati (-3) over Virginia Tech

#Gunner #Kiel #Y'all.

Rusty Says: Cincinnati (-3) over Virginia Tech


Sean Says: Arizona State (-8) over Duke

Last year, ASU waltzed into the Holiday Bowl as a 14-point favorite vs. Texas Tech. They got shellacked 37-23. You don't think Todd Graham will remind them of that? Duke is quite experienced, but I think ASU is ready to pounce here.

Rusty Says: Duke (+8) over Arizona State

Arizona State could be the king of the south next year and they’ll start off with a win against Duke.  The game will be competitive and the Blue Devils will get a backdoor cover.


Sean Says: Miami (-3.5) over South Carolina

Surprised Miami is favored here. Perhaps because they get another several weeks of good practice for their super-talented freshman QB Brad Kaaya. Tempted to side with Vegas here and take the Canes to start their 2015 run on the ACC early.

Rusty Says: South Carolina (+3.5) over Miami

Always take the SEC.


Sean Says: Boston College (-2.5) over Penn State

Penn State hasn't seen a zone option/spread team this year. I think they struggle here.

Rusty Says: Penn State (+2.5) over Boston College


Sean Says: USC (-6.5) over Nebraska

The two best quarterbacks Nebraska has faced this year are Miami's Brad Kaaya and Michigan State's Connor Cook. I think Cody Kessler is better than the lot of them. USC is more talented than their record shows, and will do just fine against the un-interesting offense that Nebraska throws at them. Trojans big.

Rusty Says: USC (-6.5) over Nebraska

Nebraska is without Bo Pelini and is going to take a team with much more firepower than them.  This one could get ugly.


Sean Says: Texas A&M (+3.5) over West Virginia

Rusty Says: Texas A&M (+3.5) over West Virginia


Sean Says: Clemson (-3.5) over Oklahoma

Two straight big-name bowl opponents (LSU, Ohio State); two straight upset wins. Tigers ain't scared, and I don't really know what we'll get from OU.

Rusty Says: Oklahoma (-3.5) over Clemson

The Tigers are playing without their star quarterback and you know how Oklahoma does it when they are playing in games that don’t really matter.


Sean Says: Arkansas (-6) over Texas

Rusty Says: Arkansas (-6) overTexas

It’s a battle of former Southwest Conference teammates and with all the power running it’ll look like the 70s again minus the wishbone.  Arkansas is simply a better squad on offense and their defense will stifle the Longhorns.


Sean Says: LSU (-7.5) over Notre Dame

Rusty Says: LSU (-7.5) over Notre Dame

LSU will eat the two-quarterback system that Notre Dame is planning on using alive.


Sean Says: Louisville (+7) over Georgia

Only because the Belk Bowl gonna Belk. I.E., every Belk Bowl is nutso.

Rusty Says: Georgia (-7) over Louisville


Sean Says: Stanford (-14) over Maryland

Will good Stanford O or bad Stanford O show up? Their defense will lock down the Terrapins, but can they score enough points to cover?

Rusty Says: Stanford (-14) over Maryland

Maryland is an awful team and I’m honestly surprised they made a bowl game.  Stanford’s offense though needs to show up in order to beat the spread.  They might have to score three touchdowns.


Sean Says: Ole Miss (+3.5) over TCU

Dr. Bo is ready to operate in the Georgia Dome. This will be a great game, but Ole Miss pulls it out.

Rusty Says: Ole Miss (+3.5) over TCU

SEC over everything.


Sean Says: Arizona (-3.5) over Boise State

Arizona gets a home game against a team that lost to Air Force. Boise State has been great at home, but they have some weaknesses. If Solomon is at full go, 'Cats cover this one.

Rusty Says: Arizona (-3.5) over Boise State

Arizona is going to ball out so hard in this game.   Anu Solomon will be full strength and I doubt that Boise State has the magic it once did.


Sean Says: Georgia Tech (+7) over Mississippi State

Become a small Georgia Tech fan down the stretch this year. Mississippi State is overhyped simply because of their presence in the SEC. They are gonna have a tough time staying disciplined against the insane throwback Tech offense.

Rusty Says: Mississippi State (-7) over Georgia Tech


Sean Says: Auburn (-6.5) over Wisconsin

Stack the box. Make [Wisconsin QB] throw it. Hold MelGor to 150. Win big.

Rusty Says: Auburn (-6.5) over Wisconsin

The Badgers are without Gary Andersen and looked awful trying to defend Ohio State’s spread.  The Auburn defense might even play very well against a Big-10 team whose only strength is rushing the ball behind Melvin Gordon.


Sean Says: Michigan State (+3) over Baylor

I just don't think the Big 12 was that great this year. Michigan State's only two losses were to playoff teams. Connor Cook is coming back next year and that boosts Sparty's morale. Sparty keeps it tight.

Rusty Says: Baylor (-3) over Michigan State

This is the most exciting non-playoff game.  Michigan State has kind of pooped the bed in their games against top teams and that probably continues as they take on one of the country’s best teams.


Sean Says: Minnesota (+5.5) over Missouri

Two very good defenses and two subpar offenses mean no scoring. Minnesota is better than given credit for and will cover.

Rusty Says: Missouri (-5.5) over Minnesota

The matchup between two paper tigers.  Neither team is great and don’t play nearly as well as their records would leave you to believe.  When in doubt though, I’m taking the SEC.


Sean Says: Oregon (-9) over Florida State

The Ifo news hurts. But I think the Ducks are improved on defense and will still give Jameis fits (especially if Armstead can play like he did vs. Michigan State). Special teams and defense make the difference here, and Royce Freeman makes his first 2015 Heisman statement against a porous Florida State defense.

Rusty Says: Oregon (-9) over Florida State

I really don’t see this game being that close.  I see Oregon getting out to a lead in the first half and then a competitive second half.


Sean Says: Alabama (-9.5) over Ohio State

I think we're falling into an Oklahoma 2013 trap: basing too much of our opinion of OSU on one game.  Alabama is clicking on all cylinders right now and can wear out and out-duel Ohio State's defense. Stays close until mid-third quarter and then Alabama pulls ahead.

Rusty Says: Ohio State (+9.5) over Alabama

Ohio State’s defense and rushing attack are going to keep this game close enough.  The third-string quarterback gets weeks to prepare but going against a Saban defense isn’t fun for anybody not wearing crimson.


Sean Says: Pittsburgh (-3) over Houston

Rusty Says: Pittsburgh (-3) over Houston


Sean Says: Tennessee (-3.5) over Iowa

The Surgeon General issued a warning that no one should watch this game.

Rusty Says: Tennessee (-3.5) over Iowa


Sean Says: UCLA (+1) over Kansas State

Been down on UCLA mostly this year, but I want to give them at least some credit in this one. I think this is a favorable matchup for UCLA's personnel.

Rusty Says: Kansas State (-1) over UCLA


Sean Says: Oklahoma State (+5.5) over Washington

Washington has beat who they're supposed to and lost to good teams. I think they lay an egg here.

Rusty Says: Oklahoma State (+5.5) over Washington

How the hell did Washington get three defenders on 1st-team?  Did the voters watch all the tape or is everyone else on defense really that bad?


Sean Says: East Carolina (+7) over Florida

Take the points in a shootout. Shane Carden can ball.

Rusty Says: East Carolina (+7) over Florida

Florida will be vomiting all over itself this game.  East Carolina can score points and there is no incentive for the Gator players to play well.


Sean Says: Toledo (-3) over Arkansas State

a) Rockets are better than Red Wolves. b) #MACtion.

Rusty Says: Toledo (-3) over Arkansas State


Sean Says: ?

Rusty Says: ?


Got beef with our picks? Good. Tell us why in the comments.