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Tako Tuesdays' Christmas Vacation

Because sometimes, you just have to take the week.

The Beaver says NOOOOOOOOOO
The Beaver says NOOOOOOOOOO
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the deal, fair readers.

I'm on vacation. And as much as I love you all, you won't be getting 2500 words on whether Oregon has better student managers than Florida State. I'm sure they do, but I'm just not willing to do the research, not this week.

Instead, here's a quick series of Top 5 lists, both Oregon and not. Leave your holiday wishes in the comments, and enjoy this season the best you know how.

Top 5 Christmas Songs

1. Jingle Bells

2. All I Want for Christmas is You

3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

4. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting...)

5. Here Comes Santa Claus

Bottom 5 Christmas Songs

1. Do You Hear What I Here

2. Last Christmas

3. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

4. Little Drummer Boy

5. Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Top 5 Guys Named Marcus

1. Marcus Mariota

2. Marcus Allen

3. Marcus Miller

4. Marcus Camby

5. Marcus Aurelius

Top 5 Guys Named Ifo

1. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu

2. ...

3. ...

4. ...

5. Maybe I shouldn't have picked this category.

Top 5 Most Underrated Presents to Receive

1. Socks - new socks are the best

2. Lotto Scratchers - gambling is the best, after new socks.

3. Booze, or a Booze Accessory

4. Something that can be set on fire, even candles

5. No one was ever mad at an Amazon gift card.

Top 5 Best Oregon Wins in 2014

1. Michigan State

2. Arizona

3. Stanford


5. Utah

Top 5 First-Year Ducks

1. Royce Freeman

2. Charles Nelson

3. Darren Carrington

4. Tyrell Crosby

5. Chris Seisay

Top 5 Awards Marcus Mariota Won

1. Polynesian Football Player of the Year

2. Heisman Trophy

3. Johnny Unitas Golden Arm

4. Maxwell Award

5. Walter Camp Award

Top 5 Items on the Jack in the Box Menu

1. Tacos

2. Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club

3. Oreo Milkshake

4. Sourdough Jack

5. Jack's Spicy Chicken (though Wendy's has the superior spicy chicken sandwich)

Top 5 Oregon Ducks Quarterbacks of All-Time

1. Marcus Mariota

2. Joey Harrington

3. Darron Thomas

4. Bill Musgrave

5. Shy Huntington


Happy Holidays everyone!