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Quack Fix: Ducks Land in LA

Oregon has arrived in Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

As we are all emerging from our food and sugar comas here's some quack:

  • Video of Oregon arriving in Los Angeles for Rose Bowl preparation.
  • Oregon and Florida State teamed up to help fight Fanconi anemia, a rare blood disease.  Pledges can be made at and pledges from Oregon go through Frohnmayers' Fanconi Anemia Research Fund.
  • When there's a bowl game for Oregon the week prior is an unofficial sportswear fashion week.  Check them out.
  • Florida State is feeling confident about being able to slow down Oregon and Marcus Mariota. "Oregon, they're a great team. There's a lot of stuff we see that's pretty exciting. We're excited to play them, there's a lot of stuff that we see that we'll have an edge on."
  • Comparing the Florida State defensive line to the Oregon offensive line.  The 'Noles have a few studs on D-line but have looked average multiple times this year.
There will be a lot of quack out today so put any extra you find in the comments since most of you guys go there anyways without reading these articles.