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Arizona Wildcats vs. Oregon Ducks: Pac-12 Championship Second Half Open Thread

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a weird first half. While Oregon leads 23-0, it's almost disappointing. The Ducks had multiple opportunities to score, racking up 382 total yards, but squandered many, in due in large part to penalties The Ducks ended up with 11 first half penalties (with most on the offense), and two false starts led to no points after 4th and goal from the 1.

But the Oregon defense has put up their best performance of year, holding Arizona to a pathetic 25 total yards and 0-7 on 3rd down conversions Anu Solomon had no time, and Nick Wilson averaged merely two yards per carry.

Charles Nelson and Darren Carrington combined for 9 receptions and over 150 yards, and Royce Freeman, after a slow start, ended up with 90 yards on 15 carries.

We're 30 minutes away from the College Football Playoffs. Time for the Ducks to put the hammer down and put it away. Stick around for the second half and chat with other Duck fans. GO DUCKS!