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On the Oregon-Florida State Internet Fan Divide

Because let's just say this now and get on with things.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not here to tell you how to live your life. If all you eat is chicken nuggets and thick-cut French fries, and I mean all you eat is chicken nuggets and thick-cut French fries, where you're bringing your own food to dinner parties and first dates and it's affecting your ability to use the bathroom regularly or exercise for longer than a couple minutes, that's ultimately your prerogative. Likewise, for me (or any other ATQ moderator) to try and tell you, valued reader and commenter, how to behave on the Internet would be neither prudent nor a good use of our time. Addicted to Quack will get its share of Florida State flamers and trolls over the next few weeks, and I'm sure Tomahawk Nation will get Oregon flamers and trolls over there. It will happen, and neither I nor any other ATQ mod can really do anything preventative about it. But do know that part of our community guidelines state that my banhammer can be used on members that troll other SBN blogs. I enjoy using my banhammer for this exact purpose.

In addition to the garden-variety trolls, ATQ will be receiving a number of Florida State fans who share the same passion, snark, and humor as we do. They will have a relatively uninformed opinion of Oregon football, because they will not have watched all the games, or scoured message boards for every bit of Duck football information. They will have a relatively uninformed opinion of Oregon football because they aren't an Oregon football fan.

Keep this in mind when engaging in conversation, and also keep this in mind: you, valued reader and commenter, have a relatively uninformed opinion of Florida State football, as do I. Here are the things I think I know about Florida State football in the year 2014:

  • They have seemed to start pretty slow in games, and I think I heard a stat broadcast during one of their games that they have trailed in the first half seven times this year.
  • Jameis Winston throws more interceptions than Marcus Mariota.
  • Jalen Ramsey is a defensive back who is really good.
  • Running the ball seems like a thing that works okay against the Florida State defense, though I have no statistics to back that up.
  • They aren't as good as they were in 2013, but are still really good.
  • They haven't lost yet this year.
That's essentially it. Is that enough ammunition to walk into Tomahawk Nation and tell rabid Florida State fans to panic because Marcus Mariota's coming to burn their house down and then rebuild it with his bare hands because he's super polite? No. I can speak to what I know about Oregon football, because I've lived it and wrote about it all season. I'm excited for the next three weeks because it will allow me the opportunity to hear from minds more educated about what Florida State does well, what they don't do well, and what things I believe that are actually total bullshit.

Last thing: you will not be able to change anyone's mind. So don't get petty about it when you and a FSU fan have an extreme difference of opinion. You get to have your opinions, and they get to have theirs. You can present facts to qualify your opinion, but if you're expecting a Florida State fan to read your words and go, "Oh yeah, I guess my Heisman-winning quarterback does suck." you're gonna have a bad time.

Go Ducks, and enjoy the Internet.