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Nike unveils Oregon's Rose Bowl uniforms

Oregon will don a new version of the Fighting Ducks uniform, including the return of the "O" on the sides of the helmets.

On Tuesday morning, Nike unveiled the College Football Playoff home uniforms for Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State. To no surprise, Oregon's uniforms got the biggest tweaks of the four teams. Florida State has some new shoulder designs incorporated while both Alabama and Ohio State will be donning more of a traditional look with only minor tweaks, most of which won't be noticeable.

In the Rose Bowl against Florida State, Oregon will be wearing an all-green Fighting Ducks look.

The helmets are the biggest change as the Ducks are bringing back the "O" to the sides of the helmets. While I think the winged helmets were a big improvement over the previous helmets with the O, these ones are the best I've ever seen from Oregon. It's a blend between clean and classic plus sleek and modern.

The jerseys Oregon will wear are a new twist on the Fighting Ducks look. The color scheme will be the same as Oregon wore in the Pac-12 title game against Arizona with an addition of the Fighting Duck logo on the sleeves.

White jerseys could come into play as well. If Oregon defeats Florida State and Alabama defeats Ohio State, the Ducks would be considered the "road" team in the national championship game. According to Nike, the Ducks will wear a white helmet with silver wings to go along with the road uniforms and Nike's "diamond-quest" theme. Here are the retail versions of the white jerseys. Note that they haven't been formally unveiled by Nike yet.

It wouldn't be a true Nike uniform without a ridiculous element that some marketing team spent way too much time on. For these teams, that would be the base layer, AKA the shirts under the pads that no one will see on television. Oregon's base layer features a graphic at a 27-degree tilt to represent the Ducks' 27 bowl appearances.


Oregon will wear black gloves "with a sublimated knit back that reveals a green hue when flexed and stretched," according to Nike. They also have an "advanced full-length Magnigrip surface on the palm" in order to enhance the catching surface. Translation: Nike is giving the players legal super glue on their hands, so they better not drop any passes.

Every team will wear Nike Vapor Untouchable cleats, featuring a Flyknit material on the upper. The shoes are made from yarn in recycled plastic bottles. Way to be environmentally friendly, Nike!

Road uniforms haven't been officially unveiled yet, but I'm sure that announcement will come soon. However, you can still buy them online today. No word has come about a road uniform for Florida State, but that doesn't mean they'll be wearing the home uniforms for the Rose Bowl. I'm pretty sure Alabama and Ohio State can't both wear red in the Sugar Bowl, so white uniforms for the Seminoles are likely on the way.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go blow my paycheck at the Duck Store.