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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Finals Open Thread

Because this is what you've brought us to, Oregon basketball.

Scott Cunningham

2014 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show finals - 5 PM Pacific on USA Network

In case you missed last night's Quack Fix turn into an impromptu open thread for Day 1 of the WKC, here are the results we already know.

  • Winning the Hound group was a bloodhound named S'Cess
  • The Toy category was won by a miniature pinscher named Classic Red Glare
  • Non-Sporting went to a standard poodle named Lakeridge Encore (though we all agree that the Shiba Inu was robbed)
  • And the Herding category was won by a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Coco Posh (THE WRONG CORGI WON!, screamed many)

Three more categories remain before the Best in Show competition:

  • Sporting, featuring setters, retreivers, spaniels, and pointers of all varieties.
  • Working, and don't forget to mercilessly boo the Siberian Husky until he knows what he did
  • Terrier, featuring, well, terriers. Lots of terriers.
Join us in the comments for a discussion of all things dog show, and don't forget to browse past Best in Show winners HERE and vote in the poll below!