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ATQ Podcast: Is Basketball Over Yet?

Your favorite Oregon Ducks podcast dishes on what's new in Oregon sports.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball season is nearly upon us, which makes it a perfect time for a new edition of the ATQ Podcast. In this episode, Matt Daddy and I lament what has been an absolute failure of a basketball season, and fruitlessly try to pinpoint a cause for Oregon's struggles. We then shift our focus to Oregon Football's recruiting class. Should the lack of five star talent and defensive tackles that tip the scales at 300 lbs. be causes for concern? Is Oregon's recruiting slipping? Is everything just fine? We weigh in on those questions and more. Finally, we take some time to discuss the Oregon baseball team. The pitching staff once again looks great, but is the offense going to be able to score enough runs to help them out?

As always, you can listen via the embedded audio, or visit the ATQ page on Talkshoe for more options to download or subscribe.