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Oregon Ducks Football: Moments that matter Bralon Addison serves notice

Welcome to a new series about the plays you may not remember from the previous football season

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

In every game, there are moments which get lost and hidden in a long season of highlights and lowlights. What I aim to do is remember some of those moments and show them as the moments that mattered. Not all of them are touchdowns, not all of them are good. However, without further ado welcome to Moments that Matter.

The Ducks opened the season against an overmatched opponent in Nichols. Looking at the matchup, it wasn't about whether or not Oregon was going to win but by how much. In the 66-3 win, the Ducks set the record for most yards in a game and were able to move the ball at will.

The Moments

Bralon Addison got out in space and put the brakes on, making Nichols defenders look silly as he ran by them once on the way to the end zone and once for a first down. The highlights are the first two on the video and really start at the 5 second mark.

These two plays set the stage for a breakout season for Addison and answered the question of who is going to line up across from Huff and take some of the pressure off him. As mentioned, this is the first game of the year against an opponent who didn't belong on the field with Oregon. It was nice to see him make the moves against an overmatched team but fans would have to wait to see what Addison was truly capable of until later in the season.

Why they matter

Oregon had one receiver in Josh Huff who was stepping up and producing. He became the first 1000 yard receiver since Jeff Maehl. Without the emergence of Addison out wide, defenses would have had an easier time giving attention to Huff and making it difficult for him to get open consistently.

Addison also showed that he was a threat to get up the field every time he got his hands on the ball. Even with Huff leaving this year, the WR corps is in good hands (sorry about the pun) with Addison leading the way.