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Super Bowl Open Thread

Come chat about the Super Bowl with your fellow Ducks fans. Are you rooting for Walter Thurmond III and Max Unger or John Boyett to get that shiny ring?

John Boyett and Russell Wilson have played together before
John Boyett and Russell Wilson have played together before
Harry How

Not having an NFL team, I'm having a tough time figuring out who to root for. I've written out some of my pros and cons here to see if I can settle up before the game. Stay here, relax with your fellow Ducks fans and enjoy the game. You are watching it for the game, right?



  • They have that cool color of green.
  • My neighbors are big Seahawks fans and I generally like to see them happy
  • Northwest Pride
  • They are WAY too close to the Washington Huskies for my liking.
  • Pete Carroll is their coach.
  • Denver losing means I have to hear more about "Tebow would have won a Super Bowl".

  • Peyton Manning would get a ring which would all but end the talk about his issues in the post-season.
  • Most analysts seem to be taking Seattle, always like an underdog.
  • The "Legion of Boom" wouldn't have anything to talk about.
  • They wear orange. Screw that.
  • Not enough former Ducks actually playing in the game for Denver.
  • The created "Tebow Mania" and they should really suffer for it.