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Quack Fix: Ducks Take Out UW, Why The Philadelphia Phillies Are A Terrible Organization

Your morning helping of Oregon Ducks news.

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  • It was a successful HIHWD yesterday, with the Ducks defeating the Huskies 78-71 to nab Dana Altman's 500th career win. Sean also had many interesting tidbits from media row. After a miserable start to conference play, Oregon finally seems to be getting their groove back. They still have NCAA Tournament dreams but, at 5-8 in conference, better have quite a finish to get there. Also worth noting is that Johnathan Loyd, with win No. 90, is the all-time winningest player in Oregon history.
  • The Oregonian's Tyson Alger talks about Oregon's stolen base spree, as the Ducks stole 13 bases in their opening four-game series with Hawaii.
  • On the subject of winningest Ducks, men's tennis player Robin Cambier is one singles win away from Oregon's all-time record.
  • Finally, as disgusting a college baseball story as you'll see involving two Pac-12 players. Oregon State P Ben Wetzler, who went 10-1 with a 2.25 ERA last season for the Beavers, and Jason Monda, an outfielder at Washington State, were drafted in the 5th and 6th rounds, respectively, by the Philadelphia Phillies last June. Both players spurned the Phillies, opting to stay in school. Instead of accepting the risk of drafting college juniors, Philadelphia turned both players in for using agents. Philly's vindictiveness won't help them with agents or other players, and makes them look petty and small, but the real ire should be for the NCAA. It lets these players get drafted and have to ponder these life changing decisions without allowing them access to counsel. After all, nobody can talk about money except the NCAA and its television partners.

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