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Quack Fix: Good Weekend for Duck Sports

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports


  • The short handed Ducks got off to a slow start Sunday trailing lowly WSU 31-24 at half, but rallied in the second half behind Moser and Young to put away the Cougs 67-53.
  • So why were the Ducks short handed? Apparently Dotson decided to try and use a fake ID and got caught. Who knows how long he'll be held out by Altman, but needless to say this this final four game stretch is the most important of the season. I think 3-1 and a .500 record in Pac 12 play still gets them into the tourney, no matter what they do in the Pac 12 Tourney. Anything less than that and they're going to have show some magic in March.
  • So apparently De'Anthony Thomas and Josh Huff are the same speed. I understand the desire for the meat market that is the NFL combine, but there are some things on game tape that just don't translate into a cone a drill.
  • Baseball continues to start off hot dropping LMU in 3 straight and improving to 7-0 on the season. Oregon's pitching is just so good this year. If the offense is able to add anything production, the depth and talent of the bullpen should keep Oregon at the top of the rankings.
  • Golf is starting well also. The Ducks claimed a team victory with a scorecard that read 276-279-282—837 (-27). Casey Martin continues to bring in nice pieces for the Ducks.
  • Finally, the men's tennis team welcomed UNLV to the Tennis Center Sunday and swept them 7-0.
Binge Watching Gif of the Week:

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That's all the quack I got, leave any other pieces in the comments below