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Pac 12 Tournament: Open Thread

Moving the Pac 12 tourney to Vegas was a stroke of genius by Larry Scott. The fact that there are awesome match ups, rivalry games and teams on the bubble playing meaningful games on day one makes it that much better. Things start off quick as the hated neighbors to the North take on one of the tougher teams in the middle of the Pac in Utah at noon.

Colorado will try and keep their NCAA Tourney hopes alive against USC at 2:30. The Civil War makes an appearance at the MGM at 6:00 and we finish off with the Cougs and Cards at 8:30. We all know how Coug fans will be feeling at that time.

Anyway, we'll use this space to talk about all the conference tourney action going on around the country. If you're a college basketball fan like me, today is the start of the best four weeks of the year.