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Oregon Earns No. 7 Seed, To Face BYU In Milwaukee

Oregon was given a fairly favorable matchup, has the opportunity for an NCAA run.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The seedings are out, and there will be no complaining from Oregon fans this year. The Ducks will fly to Milwaukee to face the No. 10 seed BYU Cougars. Oregon defeated BYU in overtime earlier in the season, in a matchup that featured a ton of points, and not much defense.

If Oregon were to get past BYU, they would likely face Wisconsin in the second round. Wisconsin, the No. 2 seed, faces No. 15 American in its first game. Facing Wisconsin in Milwaukee is a difficult task, but not an impossible one. Wisconsin seems more vulnerable than some of the other teams ranked No. 2 or lower, such as Michigan, Louisville, or Kansas.

The key here is that Oregon was given the opportunity to make a run. I'm not saying it's likely, but there is a path there. This isn't the Midwest, which features Wichita State, Michigan, Louisville, and Duke. it's not the South, which features Florida, Kansas, Syracuse, UCLA, and Ohio State. Oregon's bracket features teams such as Wisconsin, Creighton, Arizona, and SDSU. Good teams, but beatable teams.

It was as good a draw as anyone could expect for where the Ducks were seeded. A run isn't necessairly likely, but it's possible, which isn't the case had the Ducks ended up in another bracket.

Game will be on Thursday. Time not yet released.