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Oregon Ducks Basketball Recruiting: How can the Ducks stay successful?

The Ducks have been in the post season in all four years under Dana Altman. How can they maintain their level of success?

It's safe to say that Dana Altman has turned around the Oregon basketball program. The way he has done it thus far is by bringing in players to play a single season, while working with the players already on the roster.

Now that he has gotten some wins and back to back tournament appearances it seems that Coach Altman has turned to a model which is designed for more sustained success by bringing in new freshmen and building the program instead of using mercenaries year over year.

The Committed

Jordan Bell - PF 6' 7" 200 lbs 4*2013

Bell has been in the fold since the beginning of this season, but he was unable to get through the NCAA clearing house. Jordan is a piece that Oregon could have sorely used this year as he is a talented rebounder and shot blocker out of the 4 spot.

What he lacks in size is made up for by Bell's nose for the ball. Watching his film, Bell seems to be in the right place at the right time. The other thing Bell brings to the table is pure desire. When there's a 50/50 ball, Bell comes away with it. A hard-nosed, athletic rebounder will go a long way in keeping the Ducks successful.

JaQuan Lyle -PG 6' 5" 215 lbs 5*2014

Oregon picked up a big commit in JaQuan Lyle this week. Lyle has good size at 6'5" and can score the ball in a variety of ways. He has the strength and power to go down into the block, as well as get above the rim and throw it down. He can change it up as well and use a soft touch around the rim to drop in the layup.

I see Lyle as a bit of a combo guard as he can hit the outside shot effectively.  Lyle brings a little sizzle to his game as well as has good handles and is able to make a flashy pass into the post to a big man or throw up the lob for a cutting wing player.

The Targets

Domantas Sabonis - PF 6' 10" 210 lbs 4* 2014

Yes, that Sabonis. Domantas is one of the targets Oregon has currently in this cycle. One of the things which must be appealing to Sabonis is that his father is state of Oregon royalty and would likely be very well received by Duck fans.

Sabonis uses his length very well, altering shots around the rim and effectively tipping the ball to himself to corral rebounds on both sides of the floor.  Domantas is an effective scorer on the pick and roll as the Lithuanian slips to the hoop and throws it down.

Ivan Rabb - PF 6'10" 220 LB 5* 2015

Many are touting Rabb as the best prep player in the country and absolutely has the physical tools to be a force in the conference and in the country for at very least his freshman season in the NCAA.

Rabb is extremely athletic, a good dunker, defender and shot blocker and has been developing a midrange game to make him a threat when he isn't directly under the hoop.

He is showing medium interest right now in Oregon and if they can continue their success with guys like Lyle and Bell, Oregon may have a shot at grabbing a premier player like Rabb.