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NCAA Tournament 2014: Oregon vs. Wisconsin Preview, TV Information, and Open Thread

The ramp off of the Road to the Final Four is coming for Wisconsin or Oregon in what should be one of the day's best matchups.

The NCAA Tournament rolls onto the third round, as the Oregon Ducks take on the Wisconsin Badgers at 4:45 on CBS. Oregon looks to head to the Sweet Sixteen for the second time in as many years, while Wisconsin should see a home court crowd in Milwaukee.

The game figures to be an interesting contrast of styles, as Wisconsin wants to slow the game down to a half court pace and make each possession a long one. That said, this offense isn't low-scoring unit you think of when you think Wisconsin--they average 74 points per game and shoot about 38% from three. The obvious matchup problem for Oregon is 7'0" center Frank Kaminsky, a 13 point a game scorer for the Badgers, but the big battle is controlling the pace. Oregon will full court press to try and speed the game up. Whoever is successful setting the tempo will have a decided edge.

Defensively, Wisconsin is still tough, but not as lock-down unit they've been in recent years. Oregon has had offensive success against much better defensive teams--four Pac-12 teams rate better in defensive efficiency  They can be vulnerable in the pick and roll game, and Oregon's spacing and ball movement could give them more trouble than a more traditional set. That said, the best offense is just to score in transition.

Wisconsin is a five point favorite, and the BMO Harris Bradley Center will be a sea of red supporting them. Here is your open thread.