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Quack Fix: Lots of Sweeps

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports


  • It wasn't pretty, but the Ducks were able to get a sweep of the So Cal schools and improved their conference record to 8-8. I've been saying for a few weeks that .500 in conference should get them into the tourney, but that's not going to be easy as the Desert schools pay a visit to Eugene this week.
  • The Diamond Ducks weren't as fortunate as Horton's old team, #5 ranked Cal State Fullerton, came into Eugene and took 3 straight off the #9 Ducks. This team is built on pitching and manufacturing runs, but when both of those things fail you on in a series, it's going to tun into a sweep.
  • The Women's Basketball team wrapped up the season with a sweep of the Arizona schools, including an upset of #20 ASU Friday night. Now it's on to the Pac 12 Tourney which starts Thursday for Oregon against WSU up in Seattle.
  • Other news an notes for the Ducks: Softball improved to 18-2 with a victory over Illinois St; Track and Field season is getting under way and the Men's team is off to a pretty nice start.
  • I find this quote hilarious. "The coach at Philadelphia ran 83 plays a game at Oregon." His name is Chip Kelly. I'm also amazed that no one will challenge some of these coaches and ask them if they were serious about protecting players, wouldn't a weight limit be just as appropriate?
How that scene should have gone Gif of the week:



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That's all the quack I got. Leave your Oscars snubs and other quack in the comments below.