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ATQTube: The Combine Chronicles, Episode 1 of 1

Two pulled hamstrings in less than an hour. This stuff is harder than we thought.

In order to properly process the NFL Draft Combine drills, and how the average sports fan stacks up against potential NFL prospects, Tako enlisted the help of his co-hosts of The Four Man Rotation podcast to run through some of the events. The plan was to get out and showcase our skills for eventual NFL employment. This plan was met with a number of problems.

The rainy and wet conditions were the first problem. The pulled hamstrings were the second. The plan was to run four events; we got through one, barely. Oops.

But we got through the 40 yard dash, and you can see our times at the end of the video. I also tried my hand at the 3-cone drill, in the rain, in running shoes, without practicing it. It was sloooooooow. You can see that on our Facebook page, if you've ever been curious to see an awkward and unflexible man showcase his agility.

Thanks to Josh, Kevan, and Zach for putting their bodies on the line for the sake of science! Follow The Four Man Rotation on Twitter - @The4ManRotation, subscribe on iTunes or on Stitcher, and like on Facebook, won't you?