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Quack Fix: Where 10-Second Rules Go To Die

Your morning helping of Oregon Ducks news.

Andy Lyons

Today we have a short fix, but a good fix:


  • The proposal to require a ten second substitution period before each play has been tabled by the NCAA rules committee. The supposed logic was that by facing fewer plays, the game would become safer for student-athletes, but supporters couldn't provide any data to actually back that up. As it became more evident that the proposal was likely to be shot down, the hyperbole from supporters became more and more extreme, with Arkansas' Bret Bielema saying the motion would have prevented the death of a Cal player who died in practice, and Alabama's Nick Saban liking the uptempo offense to smoking cigarettes. The committee did the right thing by tabling the rule, but the NCAA needs to go a step further, and make sure that actual medical experts are the ones proposing player safety changes. Having coaches hijack the safety rules process to give them a competitive advantage is embarrassing and bad for the game.
  • Oregon has sold out Saturday's basketball game against Arizona, the Ducks' first sellout this season. If the Ducks can pull the upset, they likely punch their NCAA Tournament bid.
  • Rusty Ryan asks "why do Oregon players run slower at the combine?"
That's all we've got for today. Remember, the uptempo offense is just a means for stealing little kids' ice cream cones. It must be stopped at all costs. GO DUCKS!