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Poll: Mike Bellotti for the College Football Hall of Fame?

The National Football Foundation released the names of coaches and players appearing on the 2014 ballot for induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. Former Oregon Head Coach and Athletic Director Mike Bellotti is included in that list.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

From the National Football Foundation release regarding how difficult it is for players to get on the ballot.

"It's an enormous honor to just be on the ballot when you think that more than 4.99 million people have played college football," said NFF President & CEO Steven J. Hatchell. "The Hall's requirement of being a First-Team All-American creates a much smaller pool of only 1,500 individuals who are even eligible to be on the ballot, so being in today's elite group means an individual is truly among the greatest to ever have played the game, and we are proud to announce their names."

It also talks about the requirements for nomination as a coach:

Coaches must have coached a minimum of 10 years and 100 games as a head coach; won at least 60 percent of their games; and be retired from coaching for at least three years. If a coach is retired and over the age of 70, there is no waiting period. If he is over the age of 75, he is eligible as an active coach. In both cases, the candidate's post-football record as a citizen may also be weighed.

For Oregon, Mike Bellotti amassed a record of 116-55 over 14 seasons with a Fiesta Bowl win in 2001 and back-to-back Pac-10 conference championships in 2000-01. While fan sentiment will most likely remained mixed, Bellotti was involved with some major developments under the Oregon banner including the "Nike rebranding", the building of the Moshofsky Center, and the transition to the spread offense which took a giant leap forward with the promotion of Chip Kelly.

Given all of that, we gotta ask.