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An Important Announcement Regarding the Future Of ATQ

Sometimes, it is just time.

ATQ has had a good run. We knew the pun was catchy, even if deep down we knew that it didn't send the best message. A play on "addicted to crack." The humor was sophomoric, really. When I started this place at 23, it was hilarious, really.

But times change. As I have matured, I have become more and more uneasy with the name of this site. Is a pun on a serious disease such as addiction really something that I should be proud of? As an educator, it is the best message to send my students? As a father, is it the best message to send my children?

In good faith, I cannot do it any longer.

Starting tomorrow, ATQ will be no more. Our new name will be the Oregon Sports Blog. Please reset your bookmarks and favorites accordingly..

We have to feel good about what we do, and we no longer feel good about this. Thanks for understanding.