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Oregon Ducks Football: Spring Game Open Thread

It's team Twifo against Team Mariasu as the Ducks open the Spring season

Ronald Martinez

So, if you're like me you still haven't come down from the amazing outcome last night. Shaun Chase was amazing. I mean two home runs in one game in PK Park. That's an accomplishment. Oh yeah, Portland won too so I guess that's cool.

We're here live at the biggest glorified practice in the state. I expect to see minimal action from your favorite players but just enough to whet your appetite and make it through the summer until the fall.

The teams have been picked and I expect Mariasu to win this game, if for no other reason than the offensive line discrepancy.

I also expect to see improved linebacker play and maybe bust some plays up before they get started.

We're closing in on game time so come in and relax and enjoy the only football I am going to let you have until the season starts in August.