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Dotson, Artis, Austin Suspended Following 'Forcible Rape' Investigation

Oregon's suspensions of three players follow a forcible rape investigation.


We now know why three members of the Oregon basketball team were suspended from team activities:

Oregon basketball junior guard Damyean Dotson's suspension from team activities Monday follows a forcible rape investigation from March that the Lane County District Attorney's office has since declined to prosecute due to a lack of evidence.

Point guard Dominic Artis and Providence transfer Brandon Austin, who was suspended from Providence following sexual assault allegations there, were also named in the police report.

The Oregonian's Andrew Greif goes on to quote the district attorney:

"While there is no doubt the incidents occurred, the conflicting statements and actions by the victim make this case unprovable as a criminal case."

The 24-page police report has been released, so we'll be able to see the extent of the allegations against Dotson. There have been rumors about how this will be really bad for Oregon, and we'll have to see whether there is any fire to that smoke.

In the meantime, respect that a victim has gone through a really traumatic experience. Oregon basketball is really the less important aspect of the story.