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Report: Oregon Knew March 9th About the Rape Accusations


As if this case wasn't difficult enough. Now we have learned that the University found out about the rape accusations on March 9th when the victim's father contacted the school.  Oregon played in the Pac 12 tournament on March 12th and 13th and in the NCAA Tourney on March 20th and 22nd with two players they knew were under investigation for rape.

The University was asked by the EPD to not take "investigative or administrative" action as it might jeopardize the integrity of their criminal investigation.

This raise a number of serious questions for Dana Altman and the University of Oregon.  First, what is their responsibility under Title IX to protect and investigate sexual assault claims? Did Altman do the right thing in playing Artis and Dotson in the Pac 12 and NCAA Tournament, if he knew about the accusations? What is Altman's responsibility now, considering neither Artis, Dotson, nor Austin have been found guilty in any court of law with regard to their status as players on the team?

This story is only beginning, and I feel unfortunately it is not going to end well or soon.