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20 Ducks in 20 Years: Community Tiebreakers

There is still some work to be done, fair and wise ATQ readership. Come join us and vote!

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The voter turnout was strong for last week's "20 Ducks in 20 Years" community vote, and I've tabulated the results. However, there are some ties that need to be broken. I won't say exactly what spots these ties are for, to keep a little suspense for the final list. But here's what you'll be voting on this week, in order to boil down a final community Top 20.

Click on the tiebreaker links to get to the polls themselves.

Tiebreaker #1: De'Anthony Thomas vs. Patrick Chung

Perhaps the most electric offensive player in Oregon history, or the 4th-most prolific tackler in Oregon history?

Tiebreaker #2: Casey Matthews vs. Walter Thurmond III

Two defensive standouts of the Chip Kelly era, this one might come down to hairstyles; do you prefer WTIII's immaculate flat-top, or the long, flowing locks of Matthews?

Tiebreaker #3: Jeff Maehl vs. Max Unger

Maehl caught more passes than any other Duck in history; Unger started 51 straight games as the lynchpin of numerous great offensive lines.

Tiebreaker #4: Joey Harrington vs. Dennis Dixon

Hoo boy, this is a biggie. Two of the most culturally important figures in Oregon history, this tiebreaker might come down to simple personal biases.

Tiebreaker #5: Nick Reed vs. Akili Smith vs. Josh Huff vs. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu vs. Kiko Alonso

Holy hell, a five-way tie! And this group has everything; Reed is Oregon's career sacks leader, Smith is the single-season passing leader, Huff finished off a sparkling career with a 1000 yard receiving season in 2013, Ifo is already one of the best lockdown corners in Oregon history, with at least one year still ahead of him, and Kiko is a great redemption story, from suspended misfit to Rose Bowl MVP to NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.