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Help Wanted: ATQ Is Looking For a Few Contributors

ATQ is looking for a few new contributors for the upcoming athletics season.


The 2014-15 athletics season is nearly upon us. In order to provide our readers with the best coverage possible, ATQ is looking for a few new contributors. If you would like to contribute to ATQ, send me ( a writing sample and a proposal for what types of articles you would like to contribute, and we'll see if we can work something out.

Our primary need, however, is for two Eugene-based authors to come aboard and serve as beat writers for ATQ covering Oregon athletics. This is a great opportunity for journalism students to gain experience, as both of the previous people in this role have used it to make connections and springboard into bigger jobs. However, you don't have to be a journalism major, or even a student, to apply. The requirements are as follows:

  • Must be based in the Eugene-Springfield area
  • Attend Oregon athletic events (football, volleyball, mens/womens basketball, baseball) to write game recaps for ATQ
  • Attend sporadic media availablity sessions, practice sessions, and press conferences on behalf of the site
  • Write game previews
  • Act with professionalism at all times
  • A fairly significant time commitment (~2 events per week)
There is a lot to cover, and we have found it best when we have two authors working in tandem to cover it all.

If you can meet this criteria, and are interested, send me a writing sample and cover letter to I'd like to start interviewing by late next week.