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Slingin' Quack Episode 1: Devon Allen Is So Hot Right Now

Dave and Rusty Ryan ponder Devon Allen, track and field, and the Oregon receiving corps on the premeire episode ATQ's new weekly podcast.

Andy Lyons

It's been far too long since ATQ has had a podcast (RIP Matt Daddy), but it is time to press on and move forward. We look forward to a new adventure and a new voice, and I'm pleased that Rusty Ryan will be joining me for Slingin' Quack, the new podcast from ATQ.

In this premeire episode, Rusty and I discuss the recent exploits of Devon Allen. Should Allen stick with football or go pro in track? And what advantage does it provide the Oregon Track and Field program to have players on football scholarships who are also able to get points in track meets?

The discussion shifts over to football, where we discuss Allen's potential role in the wide receiving corps. Which receivers are poised to take on a big role with the losses of Josh Huff and Bralon Addison this season? And speaking of football, why exactly is everyone so down on Don Pellum?

All those topics and more on the first episode of Slingin' Quack.

To listen to this episode, please visit the Slingin' Quack page on Blog Talk Radio. There are options to listen online, download directly, or subscribe to us on RSS or iTunes. Please note that all the bookmarks and subscriptions are different than for our last podcast, so please update accordingly.

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