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Slingin' Quack Episode 2: All About Recruiting

David Piper and Rusty Ryan dish on recruiting on the latest episode of Slingin' Quack.

Kevin Casey

Because we love you all so much, we're giving you a second podcast in the span of three days. In the second episode of Slingin' Quack, Rusty and I, two outspoken recruiting haters, dish on the practice. Why are we a nation obsessed with the exploits of 17-year old high school students? How does this industry support such a massive media infrastructure? What is the impact of the recruiting zoo on the kids being recruited? And how do we see the industry of recruiting changing in the future? When an avid follower or outspoken hater of recruiting, this discussion is sure to provide you with plenty of things to think about.

To listen to this episode, please visit the Slingin' Quack page on Blog Talk Radio. There are options to listen online, download directly, or subscribe to us on RSS or iTunes. Please note that all the bookmarks and subscriptions are different than for our last podcast, so please update accordingly.