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Quack Fix: First two-deep roster released with five true freshman

The second day of practice for South Dakota game week was held on Monday and it sounds like the offense is coming together.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Practice highlights (from Moseley's report):

  • The Ducks held their second game-week practice in preparation for South Dakota.
  • Dwayne Stanford stood out to Mosely at receiver today
  • Byron Marshall, Thomas Tyner and Royce Freeman each had strong showings as the battle for Saturday's start continues.
Quote of the day:

And he is much faster than what people say.  And the thing about Royce, he runs as fast in the fourth quarter as he does in the first quarter. He doesn't wear down; he wears opponents down.'

-- Freeman's high school coach on the true freshman looking to make an immediate impact.


Go Ducks!