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Slingin' Quack Ep 6: Football! Glorious Football!

Your favorite Oregon Ducks podcast takes on week one of college football.

Jonathan Ferrey

Game week brings a new episode of ATQ's weekly podcast, Slingin' Quack. In this episode, Rusty Ryan and I discuss Oregon's season opener against South Dakota and peruse the first week of the college football schedule.

Also, a bonus announcement about the future of the podcast: due to popular demand (read: Daisy), and the capabilities afforded to us by Blog Talk Radio, Slingin' Quack will be converting to a live format starting next Tuesday at 8:30 pm. It will still be available in podcast form, but there will also be a live broadcast with interaction, chat room, and call-in ability, much as there was in the early incarnation of the last ATQ podcast (though with much better sound quality).

As always, visit the ATQ page on BlogTalkRadio for options to download or subscribe.